Friday shout out is 1 for 3 in its infancy. But we are going to keep at it! Today’s Friday Shout Out goes out to Craig Groeschel, senior pastor of a multi-campus church that began in Oklahoma and is now growing into other parts of the country. Craig is not afraid to take risks in order to do a new thing in the name of the Lord.

As a reminder, here is how this works: Craig, if you find this post, you are invited to shout back! It is really that simple. I would be particularly interested, if you have the time or inclination, to get your thoughts on how the church can encourage the development of meaningful community and “watching over one another in love” through things like small group accountability. Is there anything you have seen work particularly well, or anything that you have found to be an inhibitor to developing intimacy and walking with other Christians in our faith? (You don’t have to answer this question, how you shout back is entirely up to you.)

Ok, the mic is yours…