I am in over my head. I try not to focus on stats and traffic too much or for the wrong reasons. But, it bothers me when it seems like something could be wrong that is affecting my blog’s ability to communicate effectively. I have wondered for more than a month if something is not right. My subscription rate on feedburner is very low, and when it goes up it usually drops back down again quickly within 24 hours. My info on technorati is often messed up too. I just checked my blog on technorati and my authority had gone down, the latest posts category was not in chronological order, and often the most recent incoming links come and go (i.e. sometimes they are there, sometimes they are not). I have a feeling something is not right with my feed, but I have no idea what it would be or how I would fix it if it were…

Please help! For those of you who are much more tech-savvy than I am, if you have any advice, suggestions, anything… I would appreciate it. Or, if in looking at my blog, you determine that everything is working exactly as it should and I am just not getting very much traffic, at least then I can shake this feeling that something is wrong.

Thanks for your help.