Blueprint for Discipleship

Blueprint CoverA Blueprint for Discipleship offers a concrete and practical approach to Christian discipleship that is distinctly Wesleyan. This approach builds on the foundation of the General Rules (do no harm, do good, and practice the spiritual disciplines) and the practice of “watching over one another in love” through small-group accountability. John Wesley and the first Methodists used this blueprint to spark a revival that enabled their followers to become deeply committed Christians whose faith had an impact on every part of their lives. Written in a concise and accessible style, A Blueprint for Discipleship seeks to bring the past success Methodism had in forming Christians into the present and future. In a nine week study, Watson talks about grace, the foundation for the rules, and exploring how the three rules became the blueprint of the Christian faith.

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“Methodism’s General Rules are one of our most neglected, and sometimes abused resources. Thanks to Kevin Watson, we now have a powerful recovery of these great treasures of the Wesleyan tradition. With great respect for the riches of our past, Kevin gives us some specific, practical ways in which our churches can move forward by first looking back. Wesleyanism provoked a grand rejuvenation of the church through the ordering of ordinary lives by a vision of the transforming power of the living Christ. Kevin’s book continues and even augments this grand spiritual revolution that is Wesleyan Christianity.”

Bishop William H. Willimon
Bishop North Alabama Conference, the United Methodist Church

“In Blueprint for Discipleship, Kevin M. Watson offers a fine study of one of the most constitutive of Methodist documents, the General Rules. He calls readers into the depth of Christian discipleship, following the model that John Wesley laid out in the General Rules. This is an ably written, well documented, and amply illustrated study that will challenge readers today to take up the challenge of Christian holiness following the pattern that John Wesley set for the earliest Methodist societies. Blueprint for Discipleship is especially recommended for study in groups (such as Sunday School classes), since it examines the ways in which groups can hold Christians accountable for their growth in divine grace.”

Ted A. Campbell
Associate Professor of Church History
Perkins School of Theology

“Blueprint for Discipleship provides a clear, attractive, readable guide for contemporary Christians to understand and follow Wesley’s three rules today. At a time when the church needs to renew its commitment to the original Wesleyan vision of transforming the world with love of God and neighbor, Watson’s book provides a guide for establishing a truly Wesleyan rule of life. This is a resource that can be used with great effect in small groups, Sunday school classes, and membership preparation classes.”

Elaine A. Heath
McCreless Associate Professor of Evangelism
Director, Center for the Advanced Study and Practice of Evangelism
Perkins School of Theology

“Kevin Watson helps the genius of Wesleyan discipleship come alive by showing the historical basis and twenty-first century significance of Methodism’s three simple rules. This book can make a spiritual difference for individuals and small groups alike.”

Bishop Scott J. Jones
Kansas Area Conference of the United Methodist Church

“Watson has written a book that the church needs – and one that the church can actually use! This volume affirms a foundational element of the Wesleyan tradition and offers a practical guide to lead United Methodism to a renewal of its life. The author shows how vital it is to maintain a sense of balance within the Christian faith. He clarifies the structures of accountability that are present within the Wesleyan approach to Christian life. And he provides a format for study that will make this book helpful for church leaders who desire a renewing way to lead.”

William B. Lawrence, Dean
Professor of American Church History
Perkins School of Theology

“I appreciate Kevin’s thorough work on the Wesleyan disciplines of discipleship. The church has asked too little of people for much too long. We have asked only that people make a decision for Jesus. Jesus asks for everything. Jesus calls people to ‘lose their lives’ in sacrificial discipleship.”

Mike Slaughter
Ginghamsburg Church

“In an age of simplistic formulas for self-improvement, Kevin Watson’s Blueprint instead encourages Christians to participate in the ancient habits of spiritual formation known as the means of grace. Watson helps us to see that, in order to grow more Christlike, we need to rely on God’s grace through the development of a daily, dogged discipline. This “long obedience” may not please those who hope for instant gratification; it is, however, a biblically faithful pattern of lifelong dependence on God and other believers. The call to such a lifestyle helped Methodism to expand dynamically in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and if we heed its summons, it has the potential similarly to revive the church of Jesus Christ today.”

Douglas M. Strong, Dean
Professor of the History of Christianity
School of Theology, Seattle Pacific University

“Anyone serious about becoming a more dedicated disciple of Christ will find practical help from Kevin Watson about how to draw from the richness of the Wesleyan heritage to experience the fullness of God’s grace.”

Lovett H. Weems, Jr.
Distinguished Professor of Church Leadership, Wesley Theological Seminary,
and author of Leadership in the Wesleyan Spirit.


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  1. Hi Kevin,
    Our Discipleship Team at First UMC is reading and discussing A Blueprint for Discipleship. Thank you for your engaging text, thoughtful analysis, and clarion call to return to our Wesleyan heritage.

  2. Paul Gardner said:

    Don’t forget can send just about any book as quickly as amazon and helps the connection!

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